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The problem with Fenders and Charvels

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Joined: 23 Feb 2012
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Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:56 pm    Post subject: The problem with Fenders and Charvels Reply with quote

I've no doubt I'll get a ton of backlash on this, but here goes.

Sustain. Here is the deal guys. Every Fender I've ever seen has a bolt on neck. ALMOST every Charvel I've ever seen also has a bolt on neck. The basic principal of how sustain works on a guitar is that the resonance of the strings is directly related to how few points between the nut and the bridge there are in which there is any place (no matter how small the gap) that the resonance can be absorbed by two pieces of the guitar vibrating together. With any bolt on neck guitar, the surface of the neck that is bolted to the body and the surface of the body that is bolted to the neck are comparatively large surfaces that while may be sitting pretty tightly together, will still always vibrate against one another thus absorbing a certain amount of the vibration from the note(s) being played, ergo, loss of sustain. I've heard a million different arguments from people attempting to convince me that their bolt on neck guitar has great sustain, and have even heard one or two bolt on neck guitars out-sustain some cheaper made neck-through's and set-necks. In these rare cases I'd however like to point out that the bolt on's had either fixed bridges or string through body designs while the neck through's had tremolos (another sustain killer). My point is, I would probably like Fenders and Charvels if they would just come up with a good neck through or set-neck design so that they'd resonate a little better, and Fender, if you're going to charge that much for a guitar, you really ought to at least make it a set-neck or neck-through. Looking at the materials it takes to make a Fender, they are GROSSLY overpriced in my humble opinion.

I'd like to point out though, Warmoth makes one HELL of a tight joint fit on their matched body-neck sets, and as such sustain very well for a bolt on. Now I'll jump behind some sand bags and brace myself for the barrage of retorts. Shocked
Peavey 6505+ head, Randall Lynchbox RM100 head, 2 Randall Warhead 4x12 cabs, a shitload of effects pedals, and don't get me started on my studio.
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Joined: 21 Mar 2012
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I own mostly Gibsons because I prefer set neck and the Gibson sound. However I do have a US Deluxe Strat and a new Wolfie Special. I have also owned dozens of other guitars with both set and bolt on necks.

I have noticed that sustain differs guitar to guitar regardless of the construction. I have a '61 RI SG that has monterous tone but so-so sustain and its a set neck. The new Wolfgang special I just got has better sustain...so go figure. I still prefer set necks but given the tone aids that I an many other rock based guitarists use, its easy enough to compenate for less than stellar sustain
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Joined: 27 Apr 2012
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In terms of bolt on vs set neck, to each his own, but you do realize that EVH now offers a set neck hard tail version the "USA Custom"

I don't have one, nor have I played one, but it would be interesting to find out how the sustain is on these
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